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We were created spirit, soul and body and God desires for us to live in abundant health. Develop times of consistent prayer and fasting for greater spiritual, mental-emotional and physical health.

Pray & Fast

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A Father's Love Letter

This is your birthright and your destiny.

To live here on earth as a much loved child of Almighty God. If something inside of you resonates with the desire to find out where you really belong, we would encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this video and ask God to reveal Himself to you.  There are other versions of the same Father's Love Letter that you can review and share with others.

To know Who Abba Father is and to know who we are in Him brings security in our identity and in why we exist.  Knowing the Father and to make Him known to others helps us to greater understand our purpose and destiny in Him and in life.  



The practice of refraining from eating or drastically reducing our food intake for a certain amount of time can focus our thoughts and sharpen our responses to certain situations. When we break from our regular routines of eating at certain times of the day, we allow our bodies to assist our minds in understanding that, for a time, we are going to be denying ourselves one thing in the interest of pursuing or considering another, typically higher, question or goal.


Salt & Fasting

What is it, what's in it? Nothing but a Pure Geothermal Hand Harvested Sea-Salt that qualifies for Organic due to its purity and potency. There is nothing added to our salt to get the robust mineral content it has. Geothermal salts are free of microplastics and high heavy metals. Our Lab tests are included in our pictures so anyone can verify the data and comparisons for themself. The only salts in the world with mineral numbers like ours are Icelandic which retails for $50-$60 a pound! Our salt is 1.44% Magnesium by weight! We are taking a high priced salt and wholesaling it for the prices of Celtic and Redmonds, but this salt is not even in the same class as those and that's why it's a highly respected fine dining chef's salt. High mineral balance is why any food has good color, good smell and a good taste. We've used and loved Celtic and Redmond before, but the labs prove this salt is 5-6x better than Celtic and up to 20x better than Redmonds when it comes to mineral levels, and especially when it comes the mineral ratios needed to run our Metabolism. All of our data is verified through HTMA Hair Test Mineral Analysis.

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